10 Places Where You Can Give You Local SEO Campaign An Instant Boost

If you a local business owner, there is no doubt you would like to see your website, Google Places, Yahoo Local or Bing Local listing come at the top of the local search results when a potential customer does a search for your products or services. To achieve that you will need a good mixture of local SEO techniques, all of which are designed to get your business in front of web users. one such technique is link citations optimisation.

You may not yet be aware of how important they are, how to get them or even what they are but I’m here to tell you, without them your business website or search engine local listing is going to be buried out of sight, hidden for ever from the eyes of your life blood, new customers.

What exactly is a link citation?

When ever the search engine spiders come across your business details, like business name, address of your trading premises, telephone numbers, website address, email address and other details associated with your business, it is counted as a reference to your business and the best part is it doesn’t matter if it is a link in the true (internet) sense of the word, just the mention is enough to improve the position of your website or local listing in the local search results.

Do you really need them?

Quite simply yes, link citations improve your chances of getting on top of those all important Google Places/Maps Listings. Just in case you have been really busy of late, and have not seen the “new” Google search results, these are the results that appear when you do a local search, such as say “central heating engineer Wolverhampton”. The search will return results with markers A to G, the top seven spots under the paid results, that are represented on the map found in the right side bar. Check it if you have not seen them before, or you need reassuring that this is the case. Now if you are not in those seven results you will show on the map as a spot and chances are no one will even bother checking you out. There is plenty of evidence that this will be the case on my website.

So, it is now not enough just to claim your Google Places Page, you have to set it up right and then go about getting links back to it, not in the same form as normal websites (a hyper link with keyword anchor text) but in the form of citations. The good thing is there are plenty of places for you to get citation links, from the big players in local online directories to the smaller niche specific directories, you want to add your business information to as many as you can find (or afford), but the downside is, it takes up so much of a business owners time doing so. And just to prove the point I am going to give you 10 sites that will give your local SEO campaign a shot in the arm, if you do it right. Sorry but if you are still to claim your Google Places Page then these are no good to you.

Here’s where you can get ten quick and easy link citations.

Like I said, there are endless online directories, with more appearing every day, and all can help you show in those all important top seven places. To get you underway, and to shamelessly push my affordable, local SEO, directory submission service, here are ten to get you on your way.

Smile Local
Cylex Business Directory
Best Of The Web
City Visitor
Insider Pages
Yellow Pages
Business Magnet Directory
City Listings
Hot Frog

If you get on OK with those, and you fancy some more punishment (Google really like to make you work hard for that top spot), then there are many more out there. Try this little trick. Search for your competitors link citations by going to the top seven places for your business and click on the Place page, just scroll to the bottom of the page and under More About This Place you will find all their indexed citation links. If there is nothing there they have none but if they have, just go and list on the same directory and give your local SEO efforts a further boost.

Local SEO can be time consuming, and if not done properly, it can also be counter productive. Having it done for you can save you time and let you get on with what you do best, running your business. Our Local SEO Services [http://staffordshirewebmaster.com/] are extremely affordable and well worth checking out, after all how valuable is your time.

Advantages of Using SEO Directory Submissions

If you are searching for effective ways to promote your website, you might want to look at the general, niche, or business web directories. Any of these can feature in a SEO marketing plan. They web directory offers the web visitor a convenient one stop destination for locating a wide-range of useful information. In addition, for the webmaster, the directories offer the advantage of increasing a websites visibility and search engine ranking.

A web directory which is based on a specific niche or business practice offers a great opportunity to submit your website listing and have the potential to attract visitors. A quality directory will allow its visitors to search by location or category, which makes it extremely easy for the user to find the most helpful information. Also if you use a specific business directory you might be able to list additional company information which might include a company overview, directions, a logo, and all relevant contact information.

Beyond the fact that the web directories are highly effective at attracting would-be customers, they are equally beneficial as a tool in your search engine optimization (SEO) arsenal. A directory offers the site owner a chance to get an attractive inbound link to their website, which has the potential to increase rankings in the search engines and page rank of the applicable page. If a well-chosen selection of directories is used, then this can result in a number of inbound links coming into a website. Using the directories when a website is relatively new is also a great way to get the search engines to notice a site quickly and this also helps get the web pages indexed.

A great feature to the web directories that you might want to look for is the ability to add deep links, meaning you can point to a particular page on the website and not direct all visitors to the main homepage. The benefit of this is that the end-user is directed straight to the information you want them to see in a single click, and not having to search for the information themselves after arriving on your site. A link of this nature is much more efficient and helpful. The ability to deep link also means that you have the opportunity to rank internal pages and not just the homepage.

It often benefits to search for the quality web directories in your linking building efforts to avoid wasting valuable time. You can use either free or paid web directories. If looking for the most positive results from submitting your sites to the directories, it often pays to use the high quality directories that are human edited, even though this might mean a small charge is payable for the submission.

SEO Directory Linking Surpassed by Quality Textual SEO Content

In the process of link-building optimizers normally start with the Mozilla Google Open Directory Project (DMoz.com) as the cornerstone of the link architecture. The site is moderated internationally by volunteers in all languages. In terms of measured relative Web importance, expressed by a ranking system known as “Page Rank (named after Google co-founder Larry Page), the DMoz site has an extremely high Page Rank of 8 out of an ideal 10, making it a valuable place to submit a link. The Page Rank of a web site can be viewed on Google’s toolbar when activated, giving users a general idea of the reciprocal links and documents that have built value for the site over the years. Page Rank is not an indicator of search engine ranking positions (SERPs).

DMoz.com provides an enormous selection of categories; many businesses aren’t closely associated with categories available on average directories. Since the concept of relevance must be priority in your linking thinking, DMoz is a valuable site where your exact business activity can be described in order to satisfy detailed search queries.

When there is a listing in the Open Directory Project the search engines prefer to select that description and title for the search results. Publisher Dan Thies, in a report for SEO Research Labs, explains how search engines use the ODP “Google has been showing links to the Google Directory within their search results for some time. When one of the pages shown in their regular search results also has a listing in the directory, the category and description from the Open Directory are displayed.”

A problem exists with the ODP however because the listing information cannot be edited – once it is accepted the title and description are there to stay and in many cases can become outdated. There is no way to know ahead of time so if the site owner needs to change information about his company he will need to get rid of the ODP listing. Since it can’t be deleted or edited, a special metatag will need to be inserted in the HTML HEAD section that reads: META name=”robots” content=”noodp”. This will disable retrieval from the Google Directory by all the search engines so that your on-page meta description and title can be displayed, or the listings with content rotations on other directories.

There is a technique for maximizing the effect of general SEO directories. When setting up your content, compose a dozen different possible titles and about 10 differently-worded (and different length) descriptions using the keyword phrases in all possible ways. This provides a random selection of fresh content to give the search engines more display options. By covering all bases there is no need to pre-test a single data set to attract both the search engine spiders and the live searchers; there can be enough semantics available to define the pages to everyone in terms of relevance and quality.

The SEO-friendly general directories containing backlinks are good places to arrange keywords in different descriptions. A linking campaign will normally include several hundred directory listings but their importance has been dwindling gradually as Google doesn’t want websites to rely solely on thousands of directory links. Sites now get penalized for using the directories in too high a percentage of their link strategy. Greater importance is given to well-written original content in articles, blogs, eZines, and related publishing sites. Greater importance is given to well-written original content in articles, blogs, eZines, and related publishing sites. In addition many SEO Marketing Blogs suggest adding a blog page to web sites to increase the content scope.

Getting search engines to pay more attention to your web site’s pages is accomplished by optimizing and linking each landing page to contribute to the overall strength of the domain. A landing page is one that is visible to the public and one that contains some importance and content. Most landing pages would appear in the menu bar; for web sites with drop-down menus there is a greater chance for expanding the link campaign by including those URLs as well. This can’t be accomplished using only directories – the majority of them accept only the main domain; only a few have any deep-linking capability.

The extended URLs of each page offer an opportunity to get search engines to crawl and index your entire site. Each page needs inbound links and unique metadata, again to provide the variety that helps a campaign rise to great heights. There are increasingly rigorous standards of link value evident today that would lead to a greater emphasis on providing expert industry information to promote link popularity. This means honest hard work in the researching, composition, and formatting of articles that can be submitted to SEO article source directories where webmasters go to download content for their sites. Those re-publishing a piece must also include the links, adding to their quantity, quality, and relevance. When these factors build up, the site becomes an “authority” in the subject matter; very after you will see 2 pages of the same site come up, one indented – an indication that both of those pages are strongly relevant to the search. It is also a sign that the SEO specialist has done a good job with the deep-linking.

A Guide To Getting Great SEO Directory Submissions

Our choice of website submission is SEO directory submission. Now, there are two (2) ways that SEO submission can be done; manually and automatically. A website owner can submit their website to a directory where editors (physical persons) process the website and ensure that it’s up to standard. But this is an onerous task as there are literally websites created every hour in the droves so it makes sense that an automatic submission would make things a lot easier. But does this really help the website owner?

In order to stay ahead of the competition, website owners have to submit to directors as this you need the help of these directories to get your traffic going and boost your on-line presence. When a website is submitted to a popular directory, it automatically benefits from things such as good in-bound links that make your website more relevant in a web search and an increase in traffic or hits to your website. Directories are a more defined search tool for users and readers on-line so more people on these directories means more exposure to the website.

There’s a wide variety of directories on the net and so many in number so it’s not realistic to think that you can submit your website to all of them; so it makes sense that you should pick and choose with care as to which directories you are going to submit your website to. Prior to making a choice, or better still, when considering a directory, scope out your website first. Ensure that your website is easily navigated and complete. When your website is complete and easy to navigate, this means that the directory will be able to verify that your website complies with all the necessary standards of its search engine. At this point, you also need to make sure that your website is engaging, all the links work and nothing is flawed about it.

Now that your website is top notch, go to the on-line directory of your choice and locate the box that says “submit resource” or a paraphrase of this. Note that some directories will need you to go to a low level category before you can access this feature. Once you have located the resource box, select your niche that lines up with your website. Once you’ve selected your niche, a series of steps will follow that you must perform.

It is this part of the submission of your website that can be very taxing and require a lot of effort on your part to complete. So, it is advisable that you get a professional or expert to do this for you. This is where SEO directory submission companies come into play and can out the hassle of submitting your website to a directory; they do it for you from ensuring that your website is complete and easy to navigate to the actual submission process. Our tip is to do a simple web search to find a SEO submission company that suits your individual needs.

Top SEO Directory Sites You Can Use

If you’re looking for more ways to optimize your website, adding it up in an SEO directory will help you solve your problem. This directory will help you enhance your website’s visibility in search engines and then create relevant inbound links to your website, all by just adding your site in this kind of online service.

And if you’re one of those people who have searched or Googled for the Top SEO directory sites that you may use, this article has some of the directories you’ve been looking for.

1. DMOZ Directory – Very awesome directory for search engine optimization which is free to submit to but difficult to get into; but once you do, it will help you create a big difference for your organic rankings. DMOZ Directory is also called Open Directory Project. Note that you should submit your website every month until you get accepted. Though you will be having a hard time getting into DMOZ, it’s worth it because it’s the #1 link to achieve anywhere. Once you get a link in there, your site’s traffic and rankings will increase almost immediately.

2. Yahoo Directory – This was established back in 1995. It has a page rank of 8 and an Alexa ranking of 1. Websites that can be accepted without a problem in Yahoo Directory are those that are not under construction, have no major technical flaws or offensive content, and also those that have some unique content. Like DMOZ, the links from Yahoo will also get an increase in search engine ranking for target keywords as well as an increase in traffic.

3. Goguides.org directory – Known as one of the best paid directories for SEO purposes. It was established in 2001 and has a page rank of 6 and Alexa ranking of under 50,000.

4. The Best of the Web Directory (best overall value) – This directory has been around since 1996 and was considered as one of the best directories that get into creating significant increases in organic rankings on keywords. The fee is $149 to submit and $149 annually if you got accepted.

5. The What U Seek Directory – With page rank of 7, Alexa ranking of around 43,000, and established way back 1996. Its cost to submit is just about $50.

6. Business.com directory – It has been around since 1998 and with a page rank of 7, an Alexa ranking of 1707, and an almost 5,000 incoming links. This directory is a very credible directory for both quality traffic and in increasing page rank for the sites it has links to. It has a fee of $299 for submitting and $299 annually if you got accepted.

These are just few of the best SEO Directory sites you may use if you’re having a hard time in your search engine rankings as well as getting traffic your way. Just start submitting and experience some changes in the organic ranking of your sites.

Using A SEO Directory to Promote a Website

In order to run a successful search engine marketing campaign, incoming links are seen as the most significant aspect. It is known that if you are able to gain the right high-quality links, it will make it much easier to rank a website higher in the natural searches results. A wide range of linking practices are available, some more beneficial than others. One of the easiest techniques for acquiring high quality one way links is to use the general or niche specific SEO directory websites.

There are literally thousands of web directories across the internet offering the opportunity to publish a link, which directs back to your website. Directories might range from the general, which accept any type of website, the niche specific directories, and the business directories. Each of these directory types will have their own target audience, so it is important to choose the one that will be most beneficial for your needs.

Also, web directories are either free-based or incorporate a payment structure for the submission process. Fees can range from a nominal one-time payment to those charging several hundred dollars or more. A recurring monthly or yearly fee might also be applicable. The choice of web directory used often comes down to your marketing strategy and available budget.

A high-quality and human edited paid directory can often be highly beneficial to any website to get listed on. If looking at the more expensive web directories, such as the Yahoo Directory for instance, it often helps to look at the long-term benefits that may be gained. Mostly from having your site listed on a highly trafficked site. Paid listings are also seen to offer significant SEO benefits in the search engines.

Submitting a website to a handful of quality free-based Web directories is also an effective step in getting a website well indexed and also to boost a sites ranking position in the natural search results. Even though the search engines might not give so much emphasis on the free directory listings, you still benefit from the incoming links. Also, if the general or niche specific directories have sufficient traffic, then some of that traffic might make its way to your site by clicking on your well thought out link and description.

All in all, submitting a website to these online directories, whether paid or free, offers an excellent opportunity to increase the success of your search engine marketing campaign. Instead of submitting to just one or two well-chosen SEO directories, aim to submit to several web directories over a prolonged period to really see the benefits.